Judith Armatta
Kosova, Montenegro and Serbia

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Image of statue standing before a bunker, photo by author "Establishing rule of Law in a Corrupt Society: ABA/CEELI in Serbia"  Oregon Bar Journal


"Truth and Justice: The Challenge for Victims at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia,"  ROUNDTABLE: “WHAT KIND OF TRUTH AND RECONCILATION MODEL IS APPROPRIATE FOR THE FORMER YUGOSLAVIA?” Organized by the Victimology Society of Serbia and Fridrich Ebert Stiftung, Belgrade, Serbia, (October 12, 2002)


"Goodbye to Montenegro"  Podgorica, Montenegro, (May 2000)


"We're All in this Mess Together: The Ideal of Human Rights: A United States Perspective,"  Journal of the Yugoslav Lawyers Association for Human Rights, Belgrade, Serbia, (February 1998 ) 

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