Judith Armatta
Violence Against Women and Children

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Poster found taped to a wall:  Translated from Albanian to English, the poster says, "Protect our Children from Landmines," 
	 photo by author. "Living in War Zones: Thoughts on War and Domestic Violence"  Presented at the Conference on “Integrating Domestic Violence Education into Law Schools,” sponsored by the American Bar Association Committee on Domestic Violence, Missoula, Montana, (March 9,2001)


"Children and the Legacy of Domestic Violence,"  Mid-Columbia Symposium, Salem, Oregon, (October 25, 1996)


"Reflections on a Legal Strategy for Dealing with Domestic Violence, The U.S. Experience,"  Temida: Journal of the Victimology Society and Group for Women’s Rights of the European Movement in Serbia, Issue 1, (January 1998)


"Getting Beyond the Law’s Complicity in Intimate Violence Against Women,"  33 Willamette L Rev 4 at 773, (Fall 1997).

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